Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The End

So this is where my blogging journey ends.
I know this may seem a little abrupt, but I've been contemplating about
this for quite some time now.
During the past few months, blogging has only been stressful
and time consuming. I no longer feel creative when I post, but feel like I'm trying not bore
my darling followers!
All in all, I think that I've had my good share of the blogging world and really have
enjoyed it for the time spent.
I would like to thank all you lovely people who take your time to visit my blog and leave
me such precious comments. I really am glad to have met such beautiful people.

I will be leaving my blog up for a month or two before I delete it, but don't forget that I
still have a flickr with most of my photography as well as my Etsy shop :)
I will, however, do my best to continue following
all your wonderful blogs and will leave as many comments as I can!

Au Revoir darlings!
I wish you well.