Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time To Dream

The past few days have really been a time for me to relax
and soothe my mind. I've enjoyed the silence of the afternoons as well as read through many plays while drinking copious amounts of tea.
I also managed to do quite a load of cooking for my family's first ever Thanksgiving feast!
(My parents come from Israel where Thanksgiving is not celebrated.)
I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday, by the way!

I also allowed myself to get lost in the magical world of film.
I watched numerous amounts of movies, such as Closer, Shakespeare in Love, and Moulin Rouge, all for the first time. I know, what almost 17 (in 2 months) year old girl has not seen Moulin Rouge! It's absolutely absurd!
Well, now that I've seen it, I can tell you that I
thought it was too brilliant to believe. Everything from the direction to the acting was exquisite and the story itself was so very touching, it broke my heart!
Closer was also quite good, even though I rarely watch those kinds of films.
(I'm not really sure why not . . .)
Even though I'm not a big fan of Natalie Portman's acting, I think she played her role pretty well and looked stunningly beautiful, as always. Also, Julia Roberts and Clive Owens were fascinating to watch as well as Jude Law, who I think is a brilliant actor, regardless of his good looks.
I'm serious!
He really is good. I've managed to watch him in several films now and he's really like a human chameleon.
Ok, well enough of my ramblings. hehehe

Today I went out for a little while and stopped by the Urban Sales.
Surprisingly they had many adorable things, but since I'm trying to save up my money for more plays and miscellaneous method books,
I only purchased these lovely shoes, which happened to be 80% off!
During This little break of mine, I've also had plenty of
time to collect some inspiration off of Lookbook and so I thought I should share some of my favorites.

Au Revoir Darlings!

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